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Make Your Summer Sizzle with STEM-tastic, Hands-On, FUN Science!
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Looking to add some FUN into your camp calendar this summer? High Touch High Tech of GSP offers Sizzlin' Science Summer Camp field trips that bring a FUN, hands-on & educational experience direct to your campers!

Our Sizzlin’ science field trips transform summer camp into a living laboratory through our unique discovery-style learning approach. All High Touch High Tech programs are taught by our team of scientists and are totally hands-on and totally participatory for each camper. Our scientists are able to accommodate as many sessions as necessary to meet the needs of your camp.

Children in grades pre-k through sixth grade will be engaged in 30-minutes of non-stop, hands-on scientific exploration! We use materials that are concrete, safe and relevant to the everyday lives for children of all ages. Upon completion of the field trip, students will receive a cool science certificate and ALL programs include “make-and-take” experiments!

"Excellent! The children enjoyed this program and were so excited to see the scientist come back each week during summer camp!"

Debbie Carver, Director
Sunshine House Child Care Center #6
Greer, SC


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Science Programs for Kids


Motivate children to investigate the natural wonders of science!

Pricing & Programs

High Touch High Tech will engage your campers in exploratory, hands-on, FUN, science experiences for 30-minutes, serving as many groups as needed to meet the needs or your Summer Camp.


30-minute session per group
$5.00 per student
$150.00 program minimum.
*Please Note: A $20.00 travel fee will apply*


This supply intensive, educational experience includes all equipment and materials needed to turn your camp into a real science laboratory!

Camp Counselors, Staff & Parent Chaperones are welcome to participate free of charge!




Sizzlin' Summer Specials for 2020

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  • Follow that Planet©-Are you ready for some universal excitement?  That’s what students will get in this activity as they make their own glow-in-the-dark constellation.  Then look out for asteroids, comets and shooting stars as we make our very own Space Mud to keep!
  • Gas Blast©-Who would have thought that gas could be so fun and interesting?  Campers will experiment with the gasses produced from yeast and soda as well as other wild chemical reaction. Then they will get to have a gaseous race with gas filled balloons!  
  • Light Fever©-Look at the amazing world of light through special glasses.  The campers won’t believe all the colors they’ll see.  Then they’ll get to make a “solar print” using some awesome solar graphic paper.
  • Cycle Babble©-Kids will learn about the element that separates our planet from the rest and how it circulates through our wonderful earth, mmmm…tasty water! Create a rainstorm and make a miniature earth system! 
  • Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!©- Your campers will look at the world through the eyes of a bug!  Then they will all eat SPIDERS!  Yummy ones that they make themselves, of course!
  • Rock and Roll©- The kids will learn how to be a prospector in the old days and geologist in the new days while you pan for gems.  Who knows maybe they’ll strike it rich.  Probably not, but, they will find some beautiful stones in the earth’s crust and they’ll get to keep them too. 
  • Crazy Chemical Concoctions©- Kids create crazy colorful concoctions caused by cool chemical combinations. WOW!  Make some colorful chemical reactions, colorful homemade finger paint, and a crazy, gooey concoction that can be taken home!
  • Volcanoes©-Become a Volcanologist for the day and do a cool experiment to study how magma changes the shape of the earth. For the grand finale erupt a Volcano!
  • And More!
Science Programs for Kids


Investigate how fun and interesting science can be through hands-on learning!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do you cap the session size at 25 children?
A: In order to maintain the hands-on nature of our programming and provide assistance to as many children as require, we request to limit the size of the workshop.

Q: Are the supplies included with the program?
A: All supplies are provided by High Touch High Tech. Our Scientist will bring enough supplies for each camper to enjoy a hands-on experience.

Q: When will the Scientist arrive?
A: Our Scientists require only 5-10 minutes to set up for your program; therefore, you should expect them to arrive approximately 10 minutes prior to the start of your program.

We Look Forward To Visiting Your Camp!

Science Programs for Kids


Join in experimentation that challenges student problem solving skills!

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