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2020 - 2021 School Year

COVID-19 Safety Protocol
Aftercare Programs
On-Location Enrichment Series
Virtual Enrichment Series


High Touch High Tech offers 30-minute Aftercare programs and 60-minute Enrichment series that foster authentic science learning – bringing scientific concepts out of the classroom & into the everyday lives of students. Our hands-on programs inspire kids to explore the world around them by engaging in REAL experiments using REAL scientific equipment! 

Our Programs:

  • Meet STEM Objectives
  • Align with South Carolina Academic Standards for Science
  • Provide an informal learning environment that supports an interactive, student-focused approach to learning.
  • Open the Door to the Ever-Growing World of STEM Related Careers & Hobbies
  • Encourage Social, Emotional & Academic Development
  • Are easily adaptable & offer a simple way to implement an academically rich activity into any afterschool curriculum
  • Designed to engage students with concepts such as chemistry, electricity, geology, biology, physics, nature & more

Whether you are looking for a one-time event for your aftercare program, coordinating a full-term enrichment or looking for an innovative, educational activity to offer at your local library or community center, HTHT offers a range of flexible and affordable afterschool programs.


High Touch High Tech remains committed to the health & safety of your staff and students. Safety precautions preventing the spread of COVID-19 are our greatest priority. For this reason, our practices to help minimize the spread of potentially harmful germs include:
 - Programs have been modified to better eliminate or reduce communal supplies
 - Program participants requested to wash hands pre & post program
 - Science Instructors will wear proper PPE and practice social distancing
 - Daily self screening by Science Instructors for any symptoms
 - Adapting to your school's Health Safety Guidelines

Science Programs for Kids


Motivate children to investigate the natural wonders of science!


High Touch High Tech Aftercare Programs have a running time of 30-minutes and can serve up to 30 students per group. We can accommodate as many groups as necessary to meet the needs of your facility.

Students will enjoy 2-3 hands-on experiments per session, at least one of which they get to keep! All materials are age appropriate & safe. 

HTHT Aftercare programs are perfect for:

  • Elementary Schools
  • YMCA's & YWCA's
  • Parks & Recreation Departments
  • Community Programs
  • Boys & Girls Clubs
  • Preschools

Program fee is $5.00 per student
Travel fee and program minimums will apply

Bring HTHT to your location for 12 programs & your final program is FREE! 

Contact 800.444.4968 for promotional pricing and discounts for multiple reservations.

2020-2021 Aftercare Program Guide

Science Programs for Kids


Discover the power of observation as students journey through experimentation!



High Touch High Tech On-Location Afterschool Enrichments meet for 1-hour per week over an 8-12 week period. We can accommodate up to 15 students per class. Additional classes can be schedule as needed based upon demand.  

Students will enjoy 3-4 experiments per session, at least one of which they get to keep! Children will also benefit from working with the same science instructor each week and will build lasting friendships with their fellow classmates. 

All materials are included in this supply-intensive program. Materials are also safe & age appropriate.

We can customize the curriculum to meet your programming needs regardless of age or grade.

HTHT On-Location Enrichment Series are perfect for:

  • Private Elementary Schools
  • Community Centers
  • Public Libraries
  • Homeschool Groups
  • Learning PODS

Program fee is $15.00 per student per week. 
Travel fee and minimum enrollment will apply.

Bring HTHT to your location for multiple sessions per school year and receive discounted pricing for your students!

Contact 800.444.4968 for more details and reserve your enrichment series today!


Looking for exciting, hands-on science experiences for your child NOW? While we continue to practice social distancing, HTHT is pleased to offer our Virtual Enrichment Series. All the same programs you know & love, with supplies delivered directly to your home! Classes taught LIVE, via ZOOM, by our trained & engaging science instructors. Take a look below to see what we have lined up for this Fall 2020 Season! Sign-up today!

Session #1: It's Fall Ya'll (SESSION CLOSED)
Explore the science of Fall! We'll examine the color-changing leaves and investigate why the days seem shorter! Don't get caught in the web of our 8-legged friends and learn about the many purposes & uses of our favorite Fall vegetable...corn!

Session #2: Which Scientist are You? (REGISTER NOW)
Explore a number of science specialties and discover the scientist you want to be!

Tuesday's at 3:00 PM
Meeting Dates: 10/27, 11/03, 11/10, 11/17

Price: $60.00 per session (includes shipping)
Grades Kindergarten - 5th

Week #1: Entomologist
Catch the BUZZ as we discover the incredible world of bees. Have FUN as we learn about pollination. See flowers in UV, just like a bee!

Week #2: Paleontologist
Become a paleontologist and explore dinosaurs as we learn about excavation. Make your very own fossils to keep!

Week #3: Oceanographer
Dive into an amazing underwater world and explore creatures that live in the ocean. Make your very own reef to keep!

Week #4: Geologist
Explore the layers of the earth as you pan for real gems and keep what you find! Perform geological tests to determine just how precious these minerals can be!

Session #3: Fun with Physics (REGISTER NOW)
Learn all about physics from Newton to flight, light and electricity. Find ROY G BIV and ride the electromagnetic spectrum!

Tuesday's at 3:00 PM
Meeting Dates: 12/01, 12/08, 12/15, 12/22

Price: $60.00 per session (includes shipping)
Grades Kindergarten - 5th

Week #1: Flying High
Make a stealth glider, helicopter, and hovercraft! Learn about lift and why planes stay in the air!

Week #2: Get Wired
Explore the exciting world of electricity. Make an electroscope and experience the shocking truth behind static! Discover all the hair-raising facts!

Week #3: Nutty Newton
Become a Newtonian Mechanic and learn all about force, motion, and gravity! Experience the laws of physics!

Week #4: Light Fever
Meet ROY G BIV and take a ride on the electromagnetic spectrum! Learn how light travels, make a solar picture, and light up with UV!


We provide all the tools you need to implement a successful, hassle-free Science Enrichment - Get Started Today!

Reservations are required
We look forward to visiting your afterschool soon!

Science Programs for Kids


Involve students by becoming REAL scientists performing REAL experiments!

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